Beginner German Wheel 

Take a spin on the wild side as we roll our way into the wonderful world of wheel!

  • Start off in the belts, you’ll be upside-down in in the first trick of class.
  • My first favorite trick! The infamous Monkey Roll with dramatic upside­ down stalls
  •  Free­seat Forwards, ­ the must­-know move of straight line
  •  Learn to give into the wheel as you float across with a Smoosh.
  •  Standing on top of the wheel – the easiest way to impress your audience!
  •  Doubles tricks – the joy of Teeter Totter

Advanced Beginner German Wheel 

Already been in a wheel?  Let’s step it up.   Learn to lead the wheel as we focus on:


  • Variations!  We take what you know and flip it upside down.
  • Stomach Forward & Backwards (Wet Towels!) ­ Fun to do, exhilarating to watch.
  • Smooshes galore! Side, back, and “Pterodactyl”!
  • Combinations.  Now it’s time to start to string elements together into a routine.
  • Flippy and funky Semi­tuck Rolls.


Wheel Tight – Crazy Wheeling in Cozy Spaces! 

Been itching to try the German Wheel but didn’t think you had the space? This is the perfect time to give it a whirl! We’ll explore the awesome things you can do in a micro verse, like turn the wheel into a trapeze, roll like a penny, and more!

  • Hip circles and “around the worlds” await!
  • Transfer moves like ankle hang, heel hang, and foot hang from trapeze to wheel.
  • We’ll work them first on the trapeze bar, then transfer them to the rolling bar!
  • Get your rodeo straddle on and roll like a coin!
  • Seat drops – they only LOOK scary! You’ll look like a badass.
  • Discover graceful balance poses, stand on top of the wheel, and more!



“Hi Chris,
Thank you so much for your workshops in Herndon. My daughter, Caroline, and her friend Patience had so much fun. The workshops exceeded all of our expectations. You are an exceptional teacher, professional, an excellent spotter, spontaneous and FUN!
Caroline would love to learn more. Maybe we will make it to another one of your workshops. How could we find out about them before they fill up?”

-Ingrid Diaz


“You are our most requested workshop.  Please let me know when you can come back” 

-Circus Place, NJ


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