Buy Classes

Want to buy a class?  Here is how.


1. Check the calender!  Click here to see when class is happening.

2.  Purchase your class below

3.  Email me at and let me know which class you prefer.  As soon as your info from PayPal comes through, I’ll sign you up and send you an email within 24 hours confirming your spot in class.



Private Lesson $75 [paypal type=”add” name=”Private Lesson” amount=”75.00″]

Single Class (1) $35 [paypal type=”add” name=”Group Class” amount=”35.00″]

Multi pass Class Card (5) $165 [paypal type=”add” name=”Group Class Card (5)” amount=”165.00″]

Multi pass Class Card (10) $300 [paypal type=”add” name=”Group Class Card (10)” amount=”300.00″]

Holiday Special (1 private lesson + 1 group class)  $100  [paypal type=”add” name=”holiday special(1)” amount=”100.00″] 




Please note – there is 24 hr cancellation policy. Any classes canceled within that window will not be refunded.

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