11/18/13 – The Struggle of Spiral




The Struggle of Spiral



Many people struggle with Spiral when they start (present company included).  Spiral is a trick beast, and can be supremely frustrating.  A lucky select few people will get in the wheel and just FEEL the way it is supposed to move really quickly and some people don’t, but don’t be discouraged; Spiral is for EVERYONE.  🙂 Straight-line has a nice gradual learning curve, and especially with tricks like cartwheel you can’t really fail.  Spiral works a little differently, the cost to play is much higher.  Spiral is hard and when it doesn’t work it is either uncomfortable or downright painful.  I remember my frustration working on Spiral, it is so unforgiving, and the second you stop working the wheel either stands up or slides down.  Sometimes it just won’t do what you want it to and you (and your coach) wont be able to figure out why.  That’s because you are probably doing 20 different little things wrong.  It is a very complex system trying to hold yourself inside a wheel while trying to keep it tipped on its axis and rolling around in a circle and trying not to crash into anything.


So we have established that Spiral is hard, scary, and painful right, so why Chris are you telling us that we should be doing it?  That’s a great question, thanks for asking.  The # 1 reason is, cause it is awesome!  But seriously Spiral is really impressive and it is something truly unique.  The only thing that comes kinda close is Cyr wheel and the things you can do in Cyr pale in comparison to what you can do in German wheel.  I can’t think of anything that you can do in a Cyr wheel that can’t be done in a German.  #2 reason is once you get it, you keep it.  Spiral is like riding a bike it takes a while for your body to understand the sensation, but once you have it you keep it.  #3 It will make your other tricks better.  In order to do Spiral you have to develop a strong sense of how to make the wheel do what you want it to.  As you work your Spiral you are practicing your “wheel sense” which in my opinion is the most important of the 6 senses.


Okay so lets do something about this.  Unfortunately for many (except coaches like me) a coach is a necessity for the beginning stages.  Spiral is kind of the opposite of Straight-line in this regard.  In Straight-line the coaching is more and more difficult and necessary as you do more advanced tricks, whereas in Spiral (generally) as you get to more advanced tricks you are more able to train yourself.  Once you make it past the beginning stages of Spiral it is comparably quite safe to train.  So find yourself a coach and keep on fighting, once you breakthrough to the surface there is plenty of air to breathe.

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