10/6/14 – An Open Letter to Chris Delgado of the past!

I’m just gonna write a little reminder letter and mail it back to myself about 6 Years ago when I started down this crazy Circus road. I have seen a lot of inspiring people recently who are doing things that are not super difficult but are making a $1,000,000 difference. These are all things that I personally struggle with and wish I had started working on years and years ago.

Dear Chris Delgado of 2008!
I got three tips for you that will make the next 6 years of your life a more profitable, less stressful, and generally better place.

1. Answer emails immediately.

SO EASY TO DO!!!! And it means the world to those waiting on your response. It’s a crazy, instantly connected world we live in, and I know, Chris Delgado, that you hate answering email; but you are still going to hate doing it tomorrow as well. The only difference is it will then be much more likely that someone who responded yesterday will get the job. It is so easy to avoid those emails; maybe you don’t know the answer yet, or want to think about. If that is the case, let the emailer know. Even a response of, “Hey I am in the middle of a gig today, I will get back to you tomorrow” is so nice for an event coordinator. They will love you. And you know whom an event coordinator wants to get on all their gigs? Someone they love. You want to be that person.

2. Make a schedule

Good Lord boy! Yes it takes some time to put all your stuff down in one location, but then it doesn’t have to take up all that space in your mind! Get all that stressful crap out of your brain and into a calendar of some kind. Seriously Chris, you are going to avoid doing this until it costs you a gig, and until then it will make you a stressed-out, unorganized mess. Just take the time to write it down. Systems are your friend!!!

3. Start practicing makeup/costuming

If you want to be paid well, you need to look expensive. No matter how cool your tricks, if you don’t have an appealing aesthetic, then you don’t work. Tricks are good, tricks are great, tricks are necessary, but then you have to put that shine on it. People who don’t know circus don’t know if what you are doing is really that good, so you have to look that good. We make most of our judgments on people in the first seconds of seeing them, that is before you can do anything on your apparatus. So you gotta gotta gotta look good. Chris, I am telling you right now, if you have a costume/makeup that makes you look really distinctive and you have the ability to create many different looks you will work more. Period.

So, all in all Chris, keep up the wheel work. I know you love it. But a little attention to these things that you don’t necessarily love, will make it possible to do the thing you love more, and get paid better to do it. Remember that, while you may love your job, it is a job; so treat it as such and get on it!

Older and wiser Chris Delgado

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