9/23/13 – Find Your Favorite Trick

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Find Your Favorite Trick


Whenever I finish someones first class I love to check, “What was your favorite trick?” and the answer is always different. My absolute favorite thing about German wheel is the variety of things you can do with it. I have personally never seen a circus apparatus that is more versatile. Spiral, Straight line, Vault. Fast and dynamic, slow and seductive, low impact, high pressure, quick decision making, long term planing. As you get more comfortable on a wheel you will realize that it is yours to control. So own it. Be the wheel! Don’t let it boss you around, like a good dancer partner you have to lead the wheel.  Let it know what you want it to do. It will be very clear when you do something it doesn’t like. 🙂


Especially when you are starting, try out everything but keep a ear to your heart and see what makes it dance. Find that trick and stick to it, do it ever class. The more you do that trick the more tricks like it you will find, and you will get better faster and with a lot less stress. I like to make sure every time I train that I do at least a few tricks just for me. Wheel should be fun, that’s why I keep coming back. Working on hard, scary, challenging tricks is awesome and if you love them too, all the better; but make sure you get your favorites in there.


It can be easy to see something you are not good at and lose yourself in that, don’t be that guy. There are so many different things you can do in wheel, sometimes you may just be having an off day. Don’t sit there and pound your head into the wall, a trick isn’t working today, okay that happens. Leave it for today, come back later and it may just have sorted itself out. When I was training a lot of spiral I would get so frustrated because I trick I had, I mean I nailed it every time yesterday, and suddenly I am all over the place falling, yelling. I would find myself going to the dark place. Take a second, get a drink of water, and leave that trick alone today. Go through your list of tricks, mental or written, and find your favorite trick for the day, smile and go for it. Do it cause you love it, I can’t think of a better reason.




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