8/31/15 – The Power of A Private Lesson

Let’s start with the obvious con: private lessons are more expensive than taking group classes, but don’t just write them off. They are a necessary training tool. Group classes are awesome because you get a sense of the community you are entering into, you can make friends, they are usually cheaper, and you can learn a lot by watching those training alongside you. However, there will come a time in your training when you will need to buckle down and get yourself a private lesson. Here are some of the three best reasons to grab a private lesson for yourself.


  1. Hyper focus

A private lesson is the perfect time to hyper focus on a single trick. In a group class, there is always the pace of the entire class to consider, but in a private lesson you can take 30 minutes to focus on one trick. This is a way of working that can lead to massive growth. This rapid repetition allows the gymnast to hone it on the feeling, rhythm, and mechanics of a trick much faster than if it were only executed a few times in a class.


  1. It’s all about you!

Because a private lesson is only the two of you, it allows the teacher to only focus on a single student, and you to only focus on what you want to improve. Without the need to share a wheel or the distractions of other students, it can often give you and your coach the space you need to take the next step. Privates let you take the time to understand a trick, to be able to break it down into pieces, to talk about the parts that don’t make sense, or to come up with other new ways of working, all on your own terms. All of these options are a lot more difficult to do in a group class setting. A private can be exactly what you need to mix up your training and get the attention you deserve.


  1. Consistent wheeling

In a group class, you are asked to divide your time with the other students. You constantly have to get out of a wheel and let someone else use it. Perhaps the best thing about a private lesson is the pleasure of spending the entire lesson inside the wheel and avoiding that awkward transition between down-time and “wheel mode.” A private lesson lets you work in an uninterrupted fashion.


So I know private lessons are a bit more expensive, but when you consider how much more time you get in a wheel and the focused attention, it’s totally worth it. Treat yourself. 🙂