8/18/14 – Fear vs Safety

Fear vs Safety



Is this just scary or is it dangerous and scary? This is at the heart of today’s blog, and a question every circus artist must wrestle with. Many people mistake bravado for bravery, and fear for cowardice. Never forget, the easiest way to slow your training down is to get yourself hurt. Take care of yourself, it is extremely important that you know what your limits are and respect that boundary. The safety line is in a different place for everyone; some people love bashing themselves up, and some people don’t. One of the most important questions I have to ask about every student that walks in the door is how well do they know their own limits. There is a prep move that I will show to my early students and I clearly warn them of the danger, then I watch. The students that know their limits take it easy, and the students that don’t have that awareness inevitably fall down. It’s not a bad fall and it immediately tells me the name of the game I need to play with that student. Do they need an accelerator or do they need a brake? Take the time and figure out where you’re at. Are you the student who crashes or are you the student who is too scared to try? There are times when fear can work against you, slowing your progress and possibly even getting you hurt. So when attacking any new trick, take a second and use my handy dandy flow chart to assess whether or not your fears should be listened to or ignored. If you can’t figure out if a trick is dangerous or not, you should check with your coach or a nearby professional. If you don’t fully understand the dangers of what you are doing, then you really shouldn’t be doing it.




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