8/11/14 – Story Time Part 2

 Story time part 2


One day, the three-named wheel was loaded up into the car, however it was clear from the beginning that there was something different about this trip. The car was stuffed up to the sunroof with clothes, computers, pots and pans; the tires sagging low with the burden. The wheel lived in that car for quite a while, definitely longer than usual. Even as clothes and computers were taken out, the wheel stayed trapped, all stacked up in the back of that car, for too long.


Finally the car was started, and instead of simply moving from one side of the street to another, it was waving through the chaotic and bumpy NY streets. Chris had finally learned to stack the wheel’s pins down, so the infinite potholes of Brooklyn’s streets wouldn’t rock the greasy pegs and scrape the roof of the car. Then the car stopped and the wheel was unloaded and built in a strange red room. The room was a little skinny, but nice and long, with a lovely red box at one end, perfect for bumping into.


It was lonely at first, just one big wheel rolling around this tall red room. During the day, there were lots of new people to play with (one woman in some sweatpants seemed particularly interesting,) but at nights, the wheel missed his home, and would be hauled all around the space by people who were not his owner, and they were not good at moving him; they would drag him and bump him, and knick his tender rubber on little pieces of metal. But at least he wasn’t still all broken and scrunched up in that car.


One day, out of the blue, a package arrived. Wrapped up with newspaper and packing tape, two of his friends had come to stay with him! The three-named wheel couldn’t have been more pleased to have his siblings nestled inside. He was much less alone, and the tall red room started to feel like a place he might be able to stay a while.


Just as the old friends were catching up, some hot-blooded, exotic new wheel arrived shiny and fresh: Johannes. The older wheels were more than a little jealous, with his black hoops and taped bars, this new guy was quite the fashionista. The other wheels were hesitant to associate with this flashy peacock, so Johannes stood next to them, unstacked. Over time, the new wheel proved himself to be hardworking, and despite his audaciously taped bars, the three-named wheel decided Johan was not such a bad guy.


Slowly, their numbers grew til there were 5 wheels with a lovely new home, curled up with one another along side the wall in the fancy new red room. Mr. Mono the Cyr wheel eventually showed up, and even though the drunken fool couldn’t stand on his own hoops, the wheels would always let him lean on them (you gotta take care of family). And a whole new crew of crazy ladies started showing up every week, and you know what, they were starting to get kinda good. One of them even started speaking Italian (the wheels blamed her time spent with Johan, who was a bit pretentious and insisted on his riders bilingualism.) The tall red room began to feel less empty and slowly started to turn into a community of people and wheels, and it was good. The wheels even began to travel to other spaces, and those sassy ladies followed suit. Things were looking so good no one would have expected…


Keep on rolling wheelers and stay tuned to see what happens in part 3!

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