5/4/14 – Conservation of Energy

Conservation of Energy


With any circus art, training is a long and never-ending road. There is always another trick to learn, and there is always cleaning up of existing tricks that can be done. As tricks move themselves from the “impossible” place to the “scary” place to the “I can do this” place and hopefully ultimately landing near the “easy peasy lemon squezy” place; think about Conservation of Energy. As you get more and more comfortable doing an element try to streamline it as much as possible. The less moving parts the more control you will have, and the more repeatable the trick will become. Look for times where you are moving a lot. Did you just move into one position only to immediately return to where you had been? Was that necessary? Especially if you have a spotter, you can really test these questions. Do I need to do that? Sometimes the answer is no, sometimes it’s yes, often you can find an alternative. Whatever the answer is the asking of the questions will help you become a better wheeler.


The most common places for inefficiency tend to be in limbs, I see lots of bent arms or “soft” knees, which should be fully straight (you want to feel that knee cap lift). Especially in spiral nothing says, “I’m going down” more than 2 slightly bent arms. Make big choices, if that arm is going to bend then really bent it, by making your choices big you will see much faster if it is helping or hindering you, if it is the latter CUT IT OUT! J


If you ask any juggler which is easier to balance, something stiff or floppy the answer will always be stiff. The same applies to German wheel. If the wheel is trying to lift you up or spin you around and your flopping all over the place is just making it harder for the wheel to do it’s job. So quit your flopping, stiffen up and keeps those limbs straight buddy.



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