4/21/14 – Picking up girls in wheel class

 How to pickup girls in wheel class


How do you lift a person in a wheel?  It’s a tricky question and one that you will have to ultimately answer for yourself.  Whether you are doing a doubles act, spotting your friend, or just trying no to get run over.  At some point in your wheel career it’s likely that you will have manipulate a wheel with someone heavier than you in it.


Your first instinct might be to grab high, use your arms, and just pull.  That can work fine enough if you are strong and you are lifting little children, but just how much can you lift?  Lets say you’re reasonably fit and you can do 5-10 pull ups.  That is lifting your body weight 5-10 times.  Now if you are going to try and just use those muscles to lift someone heavier than you 10-20 times, I’m sure you can see the problem.  So lets find a better way.  Well what if instead of puling the weight up with our muscles we used our body weight to push the wheel down.  Any time you can stand on the wheel to lift it, do so!  It makes your life easier; it teaches you more about wheel manipulation, and it’s way more fun.  Remember that you can always lean back to become heavier.  The further away from the center of the wheel that you are the heavier you become.


When I am spotting many tricks I will ride over the top of the wheel.  I feel that this gives the student a more slow, controlled, and safe feeling when they are still learning a trick.  Get used to adding and subtracting your own weight from the wheel when you are spotting, or rolling.  The more you practice the better you’ll get and believe me it grows to be a very useful skill.

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