3/28/16 – Wheel near me?

Is there anyone teaching German Wheel near me?


This is a question I get all the time and unfortunately the answer is most likely no.  There are just not that many places that are teaching German Wheel here in the good old USA, however do not despair there are options.


Road trip. There may not be a wheel club close enough for you to regularly attend however there are places you can visit and take a weekend worth of classes. It is a great way to see how you feel about this crazy apparatus if it is your first time, and get a sense of what wheel is like. Here are a few of the places I know of where that could be a good idea.


  1. NYC- Come visit me! I have classes every weekend and am often available for private lessons. I also have a car that can fit 5 wheels and if we set up a workshop I can come visit you and your gym. Just shoot me an email @ Chris.delgod@gmail.com


  1. Chicago –This is by far the best place to train German wheel and that is due to one name alone, Wolfgang Bientzle. If you don’t know his name and you like German wheel you should learn it. Definitely one of the best coaches in the world. Contact him @ wolfgang@thecirquesexperience.com


  1. Wisconsin – There is an awesome Circus school with a whole bunch of German wheels and the 2 time US national champion Carly Schuna. Check out their website, http://madisoncircusspace.com/


  1. Vermont – NECCA is an awesome Circus school and they have a bunch of German wheels and awesome coaches. A great place to go for a circus retreat. Here is a link to their website http://necenterforcircusarts.org/


  1. Ohio – If you are interested in German wheel Cincinnati  is the place to be this June. The world championships for German wheel will be held in Cincinnati Ohio June 19-24 2016. Here is a link to the IRV site with more info, http://www.rhoenrad.com/en/events/wc2016-cincinnati.html


So I know that the list is a little east coast heavy, but basically German wheel set up camp in Chicago with Wolfgang and has been branching out from there. But give us time, we are slowly spreading. For you west coasters here are a couple of options.


  1. California – There is one wheeler I know of living in that area, a bit tricky, but if you send me an email I’ll pass on the info and you may get lucky. So basically I know a guy and I can hook you up. 🙂


  1. Portland – This is still in the process of being set up, but pretty soon there is gonna be some wheel happening in Portland, Oregon. Not to make you drool too much, but it looks like it will be taught by the amazing Cory Sylvester who has been doing German wheel for Cirque Du Soleil’s Quidam for the past 10 years. So that is cool.


Good luck all you would be wheelers out there. Don’t give up, just may take a bit longer than you had originally hoped. It took me over 5 years from the first time I saw a German wheel until I found somewhere I could train, so keep your heads up, and get ready to travel. Sometimes a bit of struggle makes the fruit taste sweeter.