3/2/15 – When to Buy a Wheel

I get inquiries all the time for people wondering how to buy a wheel. Answering that question is pretty easy, but the much more important question is, should you be buying your own wheel? Let’s start with some Pros and Cons.


The Good


Wheel is awesome, so inherently I think having more wheels in the USA is a good thing. The more wheels there are, the more wheelers there will be. If you buy it, they will come. 🙂


-If you are ready to perform, owning your own wheel makes it much easier, as you don’t have to worry about renting the wheel from your coach or space.

-If you own your own wheel, then you don’t have to borrow a wheel to train with. This positive depends a lot of what your situation is with your training space and nearby wheel coaches.

-If there is no one around you that has a wheel, buying one can make it possible to train. Now this is most common reason I hear for buying a wheel. The main problem I see with this line of thought is this: if there is no one near you who has a wheel, there is probably no one near you who knows how to coach, spot, or train wheel. If you have no experience with German wheel and no one around you does, do you think it is a good idea to just “make it up as you go along”? That was a rhetorical question, because IT IS A HORRIBLE IDEA!!!!!!

The Bad

-As mentioned above, training alone without any experience is the easiest way to get hurt. And if you have someone around you who has experience and can train you, then they probably have a wheel you can use.

-Wheels are heavy. Get ready for the worst part of German wheel: moving them around. This is one of the best parts of using someone else’s wheel: you don’t have to carry it around or load it in and out of cars. Wheels can get most anywhere but moving them is miserable.

-Wheels need lots of space. This is not something you can do in your backyard. German Wheels function best in an indoor basketball court. If you are wheeling in your driveway or other rough surfaces, you will eat through the rubber coating on the Wheel very quickly.

-Wheels are expensive. If you are actually considering buying a wheel, the only manufacturer I can recommend is Zimmerman in Germany. He makes all the Wheels for competitive German Wheel. Don’t buy Wheels from anyone else. For hilarious-ity, I have included a few links with crazy things trying to sell themselves as German Wheels.

Circus Concepts


See if you can spot what is wrong with each one. I am not sure if some of these manufacturers have ever even seen a German Wheel 😉


If you have any other questions check out the page on my website dedicated to this question.  Click here

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