2/9/15 – Circus Hurts, Fingers Heal


German wheel can be intimidating. It is a massive heavy metal wheel, and when you are learning to drive that crazy thing, it can sometimes feel like it has a mind of its own. One of the big fears a lot of people have is crushing their fingers. It is pretty much the first thing people want to talk about whenever they come up to me. I wrote my first blog post about it (Click here) but I wanted to add a bit. I was reminded recently of the two ultimate truths about German wheel and fingers.

  1. Yes, you will eventually run over your finger.
  2. It won’t be that bad.

One of my students rolled over her finger the other day in class and her comment was “oh, that’s it? I have been so scared of doing it for so long. That wasn’t so bad.” Now I should say she did get a very light crushing (really more of a nip) but even the worst finger smash I have seen (there were 5 of us all on the wheel and she slowly rolled over her hand) isn’t that bad. Nothing breaks. Yes, she lost her nail, but they grow back. 🙂 Most of the time it will sting, maybe swell up for a day or two. I consider it a purple badge of pride. Plus when everyone asks what happened, you have a way cooler story than just slamming it in a car door. Actually, it could be great PR for wheel class; a real “conversation starter”. I should crush every students finger in their first class so they would go tell their friend about how awesome German Wheel is! (oh wait, they’d probably just tell everyone I was a sadistic jerk. Yeah, that idea might backfire). Either way, my point is that circus hurts, fingers heal. See you next week, folks.




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