2/2/15 – The Secret World of Wheel

German wheel is one of my all time favorite things. I love doing it, I love teaching it, and it’s nice to believe the thing you do has real value. I recently was able to head up to Boston and welcome a bunch of new people into the secret club of German wheel. Aside from the awesomeness of the skill itself, one of my favorite things about German wheel is that once you get bitten by the wheel bug, you are part of an awesome international community of really generous people.

I was an actor for years so I know how they envy and vie against one another; I have seen dancers be catty with one another. Amazingly, fantastically, miraculously, German wheel is not like that at all. German wheel is still such a small bunch of crazy steel heads that we don’t have to fight against one another. The Germans are all so much better than us that we don’t have to compete against each other :). We don’t have to fight for gigs, or secret away the method for completing a certain trick. Every German wheeler I have met has been excited to teach me or show me a new trick they are working on. It’s like we are all working together to figure out new and interesting things do to with this massive metal hamster wheel. I have had guests stay at my house for weeks simply because they are wheelers and I have done the same in other countries. So those of you entering into this wonderful, secret little club, welcome, and get used to building and hauling wheels cause you’re gonna be doing it a lot. But have no fear, a true wheeler will always be there with an Allen Key and an extra screw by your side.

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