1/26/15 – Plans, Goals, and Socks

Lets start this off by saying I am not good at making plans, (understatement of the decade.) I often double book myself socially, I only started using a calendar last year, I buy my groceries a day at a time, and I still call my sister the night before a trip to make sure I’ve packed enough socks. This is something I have been working on improving, although I still have to suppress a gag when someone asks what my 10 year plan is. Plans stress me out, but goals seem so much friendlier. You don’t have to know exactly how you are going to get there but you know where you want to end up. That feels much better for me cause it leaves so much space for improvisation and changes in direction, which for me, are constant and necessary.

So this is a wheel blog (Chris, lets get to the point!) Spend some time thinking about your training and where you want it to go. What are your goals? Do you want to perform or compete? Do you do this for fitness, for fun, for community? Do you really want to be a professional? I love German wheel. When I started training, I just did it because I loved it. I was a trick junky and my goal was always the next trick. I wasn’t interested in making it pretty, I just wanted to be able to do that crazy stuff. My goals changed as I continued to train and yours probably will too, and that’s cool. Don’t lock yourself onto one path; most of the best stuff is always off to the side. It doesn’t have to be forever, but for now just set a goal. It will allow you to focus and get a lot more out of your training, and will save you a lot of stress.

Goals let you know how you need to work. Is your goal to have fun? Then you don’t need to beat yourself up so much. If your goal is to get fit, then get back in there and hold that freehand for another 10 seconds. If your goal is to be a performer, then focus on performance quality over trick difficulty etc, etc. Your goals are your own. Stacy wants to be a world champion so she pushed herself to exhaustion. Cleetus wants to be a monkey so he just swings around. Both can exist in the same class, and one can counterbalance the other. So take a minute on this snowy day and figure out what you want out of wheel. Then ask the harder questions, am I doing what I need to get me there? Some people like the specificity of a list, plan, or flow chart, others are resistant to that structure. Either way you can get a lot more out of your training if you have some sort of destination in mind.



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