9/16/13 – German Wheel or Finger Crusher?

9/16/13-  German Wheel or Finger Crusher?


Hello world!

My name is Chris Deglado. I’ve done a lot of stuff, but my favorite is still German wheel.  My life has been a hodgepodge of people and locations.  Growing up I lived in Connecticut, Arizona, Ohio, and California.  I am always struggling to find a way to bring these juxtaposed memories into one place; for me that convergence happens inside a German wheel.  The German wheel hits all my buttons.  So because I have no real choice, I listen to inertia and continue to roll.


But enough about me…


The #1 question I am asked (excluding, what is that? Or, can I try?) is how often do you run over your fingers?  It definitely happens, I won’t lie, but you would really be surprised both by how rarely it happens and how little it actually hurts.  Allow me to elaborate.


The brain is good at a lot of things, but it’s number one priority seems to be self-preservation.  Your brain really doesn’t want you to get hurt.  Humans value their hands highly; hands are pretty useful things. Humans are also really efficient learners when taught by pain.  So you’re gonna roll over your fingers once, but I bet by next time you will know when to let go.


Another important thing to remember is that usually when you run over your finger, it is just under one of the hoops.  That means that you don’t have the full weight of the wheel on your hand.  Once the wheel encounters your finger, the majority of the weight shifts over to the other hoop.  Plus it is such a short amount of time, it is unlikely that it will do any lasting damage.  I don’t know if your childhood was like mine, but the example I love to use is:


When I was 12, I was messing around in my driveway (like you do) waiting for my dad to come home.  When I saw his car, I ran over and started pounding on his window etc. because I had something SUPER IMPORTANT to tell him.  Well my father being who he is, didn’t notice and rolled over my foot.  I was so shocked at first, I kinda freaked out.  But after the initial startle response, I realized I was totally fine.  Even though the full weight of the car would normally destroy my foot, the weight was dispersed over many points and the tire passed quickly over my foot, thus doing no damage.


So the moral of the story is, don’t try this at home;  instead come to wheel class and if you really don’t believe me I’ll run you over so we can prove it.


Have fun,


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